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Your Partners as You Prepare For and Enjoy
Your Retirement Chapter

Our Difference Lies in the Values We Adhere To

Safe Harbor was founded on the idea that success is measured by the quality of relationships with clients, not the quantity of them. Our pursuit of relationships over sales cultivates long-term relationships with both you and your loved ones. As we serve you with respect and determination, our hope is for you to become an ambassador for financial success and for our firm.

What You Can Expect
When We Work Together


We are truly humble individuals and committed to our role as your advisor. True to our southern roots, we pride ourselves on building relationships with heart and helping you achieve success, both professionally and personally.


As a firm, we are anything but cookie-cutter and we strive to help clients approach their goals with a unique outlook. Our business model enables us to be completely independent, empowering us to be free from the pressure to “sell” you on products or services. We vet our solutions against multiple other companies in order to enhance your efficiency and provide clarity on your current policies.


We will act as your guide throughout your retirement process, addressing your questions and enhancing your understanding every step of the way. The only way to combat the ever-changing complexities of life is to remain faithful to our clients. Above all else, we are honored to be invited into your life and expand on your retirement plan in order to secure the future of yourself and your loved ones.


As a firm, we value you as an individual and meet you where you are at today to help you successfully navigate the road ahead. Our dedication lies in helping you achieve financial understanding, which is why our initial consultations are complimentary. We want to learn more about where you are going and how we can help guide you there.


We offer professional guidance in an approachable and compassionate manner. As we work to build a dependable relationship with you, our goal is for you to feel comfortable working with us to address your financial concerns.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We invite you to take a closer look at the services we offer in order to determine if we may be a good fit moving forward.

See How We Can Help