Our Company Values

For those who are looking for financial advice, we realize the available options are many and deciding who to work with is a challenging problem. Listed below are our Company Values which we hope will give you a better understanding of how we operate.

  1. People Matter – We believe that each person is innately valuable and worthy of respect and honor. We believe that relationships matter and that business is relational, top to bottom. People First, Money Second is a priority statement that places people and relationships ahead of financial matters.
  2. Integrity Matters – We believe that integrity and truth matter. We believe we need to conduct our business in such a way that we are above reproach. We believe suitability and ethical practices come from placing a high value on other people and their needs before our own.
  3. Communication Matters – We believe that communication with our client partners builds and maintains the trust that is necessary for business relationships to reach their full potential. We believe that our client partners deserve the type of communication that is frequent, timely, truthful, & relevant.
  4. Service Matters – We believe that good service is practical and that great service is necessary in the pursuit of business excellence. We will pursue perfection and in so doing “catch a little excellence along the way.” (Vince Lombardi)

Jeremy Johnson

President, Safe Harbor Retirement Advisors

The hardest question to answer about your retirement is, who can I trust? Trust cannot be bought, it has to be built. Trust is built through honesty, transparency, and your advisor choosing to serve your family over selling them.

In college, I was a student athlete and working in this industry. It didn’t take long for me to see the best and the worst sides of financial services. In order to provide families the best, I knew I had to build an independent practice. In 2015, I founded Safe Harbor Retirement Advisors and began building the independent insurance business your family deserves. My freedom to represent our clients to the various insurance companies makes sure you’re getting the service you deserve and the best value for your money.

Insurance services are just one piece to the retirement puzzle. I am blessed to be a part of Truadvice LLC to offer flat fee based wealth management. I cannot be the independent fiduciary advisor your family deserves without the support and business structure of Safe Harbor and Truadvice. The blend of these two companies enables me to have the autonomy and freedom to serve your family with the best this industry has to offer.

My great grandfather had a business that was able to serve his community in life changing ways during the great depression. His impact was not only in the community but in my grandmother which has resonated all the way to my generation. My drive and desire for my business is to have that same impact in my children’s life and our community. My wife and I are big supporters of the Pregnancy Network and we lead a community group for Mercy Hill Church. I enjoy golfing and smoking bbq on the weekends.

Plan For Your Future

There is no one “best place” to put your retirement money because each individual and couple has unique requirements, different tolerances for risk, and need their money at different times. Likewise, there is no one place to keep your money that fits everyone for exactly the same reasons. Your unique circumstances must be taken into consideration if you seek to find the “most favorable place” for your retirement money. This is where we can be of service.